The Community Health Improvement Program - CHIP

The Community Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is an experience-based program to study key issues concerning community health care and developing practical approaches to support patients. Students consider obstacles to effective health care as well as strategies for enabling at-risk patients with chronic conditions to play a more active role in promoting their own health and well-being.


The Training Seminar is designed to prepare students for effective service as a community health coach.

The Practicum fosters meaningful interactions for boosting cooperation while helping to resolve non-medical issues that impede effective risk factor management and patient care. During the practicum phase, student coaches will be assigned to provide in-home visits (temporarily suspended due to COVID-19), phone interactions, or both. The practicum will be held at the CHIP site and San Antonio Regional Hospital.

Program Requirements:

  • Second Year Sophomore or higher in Health Sciences, Nursing, Biology, Social Science, Nutritional Science, or whose career goals are focused on community/healthcare service
  • Commit 3-4 hours per week to the program
  • Valid Driver’s License and access to a motor vehicle
  • Participate in hospital orientation program, subject to background check, and TB test
  • Academic Units awarded as agreed to by each student’s respective Department Chair
  • Commit to sign on for two or more consecutive semesters
To apply, contact Ron Nowosad, Director of Program Development and Clinic Operations at San Antonio Regional Hospital (

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