Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve.


Our vision is to be a leader in creating healthy futures through excellence and compassion.


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Patient Centered

We engage patients as our partners in care.

We will:

Engage patients/families to understand and exceed their expectations
Actively listen to patients and families
Embrace patients and families as part of the care team
Respect patient and family privacy, dignity, and beliefs
Genuinely care for patients in the way we want to be treated
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We make safety our highest priority for patients, visitors, and our care team.

We will:

Identify, report, and escalate safety concerns
Personally practice safety in our daily work
Safeguard others
Correct safety hazards
Provide assistance to patients, visitors, and team members
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We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We will:

Energetically engage in actions that enhance patient well-being
Provide comfort and seek to eliminate anxieties and fear
Offer encouragement to patients, families, and the care team
Seek to understand expectations and perceptions
Advocate for our patients and care team
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We value every individual through our words and actions.

We will:

Seek to better understand all people regardless of their background
Communicate appropriately with others
Talk with and not about others
Listen and not judge, carefully select our words, and agreeably disagree
Acknowledge and consider the variety of perspectives and opinions
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We do the right thing – ethically, legally, and morally.

We will:

Always be honest in our communication
Follow through on what we say
Report any integrity concerns
Question actions that may be inconsistent with our values
Take ownership, correct actions, and not blame others
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We embrace the principles of a high reliability organization.

We will:

Actively pursue high reliability in everything we do
Proactively identify improvement opportunities
Embrace behaviors that reduce risk
Collaborate in activities to improve organizational performance
Contribute to building/maintaining sustainable processes