Nursing Jobs and Careers at San Antonio Regional Hospital

What makes nursing different at San Antonio Regional Hospital? Collaboration.

Many hospitals may say that they offer a team-oriented work environment. San Antonio Regional Hospital is different because we are driven by collaboration. It's one of the reasons we have nurse vacancy rates that are among the lowest in the nation. You'll see our teamwork philosophy demonstrated here in a number of ways:

  • Our no pass zone philosophy means that any hospital employee who passes a patient room with the call light activated needs to enter the room and offer assistance. Little things, such as turning a lamp on or off or helping with the position of the bed or TV, can be handled immediately. For more complex issues, the individual will find the RN on duty and share details regarding the patient's needs. The bottom line is that assisting patients is everyone's responsibility.

  • Bedside rounding improves communication among nursing staff members during shift changes. Nurses whose shifts are ending share needs and medical concerns with the oncoming nurse in front of each patient.

  • Nursing department representatives meet with our CNO on a monthly basis through a Professional Practice Forum. Here, nurses can discuss issues and concerns, as well as share ideas and suggestions with representatives from other areas such as Laboratory and Pharmacy.

  • The Nurse Retention Committee is comprised of RN representatives from each nursing department. The Care Team Members make suggestions to keep our turnover rate low and also vote on the Daisy Award winner.

It's all part of the San Antonio Regional Hospital mindset. We lead by example and we're never satisfied with the bare minimum. If this sounds like the place for you, apply for a nursing opportunity today. You can also learn more about the following nursing specialties at San Antonio Regional Hospital: