The switchboard is our main communication center. Dial "8911" to report an emergency. Tell the operator who you are, where you are calling from, and the nature of the emergency. In the event of fire or smoke, please stay calm and listen carefully to the instructions of your nurse. Fire alarms will sound in a large area around the location of the problem and fire doors will close automatically. Our staff tests equipment and practices fire safety drills on a routine basis.

The hospital's policies and procedures align with national standards to protect the privacy of your personal health information, in accordance with the United States Department of Health & Human Services.

During your stay, our doctors, nurses, and all members of the healthcare team will treat you and your family as partners in your own care. One way you can be involved is to Speak Up...

You can contribute to healthcare safety. The following information will help make your hospital stay safe and comfortable.

Members of the hospital team (physicians, nurses, other clinical and support staff, volunteers) wear photo identification badges while they are in the hospital or at off-site hospital locations. Please do not hesitate to ask anyone entering your room for his or her photo identification.

The visitor parking lot is located on the east side of the hospital. Please do not leave your vehicle in the parking lot while you are hospitalized; the hospital assumes no liability for theft or damage...

San Antonio Regional Hospital is a leading healthcare organization in the promotion of healthy lifestyles and providing a healing environment. Smoking or the use of tobacco products is prohibited at all hospital facilities and properties, which means you and your visitors may not smoke anywhere within the hospital or on any of its properties. We encourage you to talk with your nurse and physician about nicotine replacement therapy while you are hospitalized. Nicotine gum is available for purchase in the hospital gift shop.

Please notify your nurse upon admission to the hospital if you would like to use any personal electrically powered appliance, such as a personal blow dryer, electric shaver, fan, radio, etc. so that one of our facility technicians can conduct a safety inspection.