Before Surgery

All EKGs, chest x-rays, and laboratory blood or urine tests ordered by your physician need to be completed prior to the day of surgery. If not already completed, any tests you need will be performed during your visit to the Pre-Operative Center at San Antonio Regional Hospital. 

Consider making an advance medical directive if you don’t already have one. An advance medical directive is a legal document that allows you to give directions about your future medical care if you become mentally or physically unable to choose or communicate your wishes. You can ask the registration staff for more details regarding advance medical directives.

Understanding Informed Consent

You must give your written consent before surgery can take place. Informed consent can help enable that you make the best decisions about your care.

Informed consent is an important patient right.  You have the right to understand the information you need to make decisions about your medical care. You also have the right to accept or refuse treatment.  

Informed consent also involves talking with your healthcare provider. He or she will talk about:

  • Your diagnosis or condition
  • Why surgery is recommended
  • What will take place during surgery
  • The risks and expected benefits of surgery
  • What to expect after surgery
  • Other treatment options - including the option of not having treatment

Read all consent forms carefully before signing. Ask questions if there is anything you don't understand.

Arrange for Transportation

Make arrangements in advance for transportation home. It is important that your ride home is available when you are discharged. By law, you are not permitted to drive yourself home. Transportation by taxi is not permitted unless you are accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Special Needs

If you have special needs, such as hearing, sight, or speech impairment, spiritual, cultural, or other needs, please notify the Patient Services Representative at 909.920.4767 in advance so we may accommodate you.

Consult your Physician

Do not take any medications the day of surgery unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. If you are taking heart or blood pressure medications, consult with your doctor prior to surgery. 

If you develop a cold, sore throat, fever, or other illness prior to surgery, please notify your doctor before coming to the hospital.